The Loyfa BetterLife programs are designed to give you tools to create a happier life.  To help you achieve a state of happiness, contentment and joy in the path that you have chosen; Your career, Your family, yourself. To be present. To participate in the life you’ve built.

  To clear away confusion so you can see what, in your life, is truly contributing to your wellbeing and what may need to change to achieve a higher level of happiness. Through understanding, realization and awakening you start to claim who you are, what you are and where you are; bringing peace to your mind and healing to your body.

BetterLife retreats will help you achieve balance in your life. You will find that your family life is more at ease, your job more enjoyable, your relationships experience less conflict and Financial burdens will seem to be less stressful.

Nothing will ever be perfect, but all of us need to be able to discern the difference between what makes us happy in our lives and what we can change to improve our happiness. These changes can be simple. As simple as just learning to listen. To be in this moment. To commit to experiencing this moment.

Loyfa BetterLife Retreats - Live Happy!


Join us in our beautiful new yoga shala overlooking the bay for our morning and afternoon schedule. 

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Mindful Breathing

In the yoga tradition, the breath is said to carry a person's life force. 

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Nidra Meditation

The yoga of sleep is a guided meditation which takes the practitioner into the deepest possible states of relaxation.

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Morning Flow Meditation

Our day begins in silence within our rustic wooden shala set amidst the trees. 

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Evening Dharma Talks

Twice weekly talks are given by our Dharma Patron, Phra Ajahn Olarn.

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Inner Walk

Inner Walk meditation practice aims to help us understand suffering;  the confusions, delusions and projections that the human mind is prone to.  Then, it teaches us how to release that suffering.

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