Submission for workshop or short program at BetterLife

We are presently accepting proposals for 4 hour workshops and short programs from 1-10 days in length.  Programs can also be integrated into our BetterLife retreat program so please familiarize yourself with this schedule. 


Loyfa BetterLife Values:

Programs offered at Loyfa BetterLife should embrace the following values.  Please consider this in making your submission:

  • Accessible to all ages and levels of experience
  • Present centered
  • Sit in harmony is a Buddhist perspective 
  • Be tailored specifically to Loyfa BetterLife.  We would prefer to offer programs that are not offered extensively at other resorts.  
  • Embrace a Loyfa demographic which is inclusive and evolving.  Presently Loyfa is a family resort which a diverse range of guests.  Not everybody is a yogi and not everybody is young. Of course young yogis will also be part of our retreats!  Point is to consider your demographic.
  • Our facilitators should be mature, experienced individuals who know how to gently guide and hold space.  Integrity, integration and safety should always be paramount.