The Loyfa BetterLife Retreat is designed to clear away the confusion of your life, to gently bring you into presence. Our program of meditation and yoga is accessible to all, from absolute beginner to experienced practitioner.

Our approach to yoga sits in the foundations of traditional hatha rooted in principles of softness, stability and comfort.

Through practiced attention to breath and body we are able to calm the speed of everyday life. As we do this we set aside the drama of the past and anxiety of the future and just sit with who we are and where we are, right now.

Modern science supports yogic practice as a direct route to our nervous system and as such our neural pathways. As we connect deeper with the body we teach is better ways to respond to pressures of modern living.

At BetterLife our deeply therapeutic retreat will pause the go button, surround you in the majesty of tropical nature and bring you to a place of inner awareness. It is within this place of awareness that you can access the tools you need to create a more balanced life with yourself and the world around you.


Join us in our beautiful new yoga shala overlooking the bay for our morning and afternoon schedule. 

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Mindful Breathing

In the yoga tradition, the breath is said to carry a person's life force. Learn how to work with this amazing tool.

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Nidra Meditation

The yoga of sleep is a guided meditation which takes the practitioner into the deepest possible states of relaxation.

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Morning Flow Meditation

Our day begins in silence within our rustic wooden shala set amidst the trees. 

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Evening Dharma Talks

Twice weekly talks are given by our Dharma Patron, Phra Ajahn Olarn.

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Inner Walk

Inner Walk meditation practice aims to help us understand suffering;  the confusions, delusions and projections that the human mind is prone to.  Then, it teaches us how to release that suffering.

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